Police discloses money laundering scheme - Focus Infomation Police discloses money laundering scheme - Focus Infomation

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Police discloses money laundering scheme - Focus Infomation

Police discloses money laundering scheme - Focus Infomation

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Police discloses money laundering scheme
Sofia. Bulgarias General Directorate for Fight against Organised Crime and DEA realised a special operation dubbed The Launderers, the press office of the Interior Ministry announced.
Authorities neutralised an organised crime group that used to operate on the territory of Bulgaria, which was part of an international organisation, which secured part of the process of the laundering of money passing through the country and which is acquired through drugs trafficking from Latin America to Europe.
The investigation revealed that the money used to come from destinations such as the Antilles, Venezuela, Panama and other countries. After the money was transferred to controlled bank accounts in Bulgaria, the sums were immediately redirected to China, Hong Kong, Spain and the USA.
It was also ascertained that the money flow was passing through the bank accounts of the members of the group and controlled juridical persons.
According to initial data, the laundered sum since the turn of the year is estimated at more than BGN 5 million.
Authorities raided three addresses in Sofia, where they found bank, company and tax documents, personal computers, cell phones.
Three people were arrested, aged 25 and 37.

Road money is still just a trickle - Vancouver Business Journal
JAMES CITY — With road money reduced to a trickle, look for no new projects in the next six years. Officials project $1.14 million, with just $227,377 starting July 1.

The six-year plan released this week reflects last year’s priorities since nothing has changed.

Someday: Olde Towne Road will be straightened at the sharp turn in front of The Colonies at Williamsburg. When the timeshares were developed, VDOT gave up surplus right-of-way for buffers and The Colonies gave up land to fix the curve. The project will cost $2.66 million.

Croaker Road will be widened to four lanes from Richmond Road to the James City County Library. The project includes replacing a new two-lane bridge over the train tracks. The total project cost is $12.67 million, of which $984,211 is already funded.

Longhill Road will expand to four lanes between Route 199 and Olde Towne Road and get sidewalks. The road is already over capacity. The project will cost $11.8 million, with about $135,000 in hand.

County officials consider this project the most urgent, but Olde Towne and Croaker will likely reach the construction phase beforehand.

Racefield Drive would be paved under a project that sets aside money annually until enough has accrued to complete a project. So far, the county has $69,000 toward $177,600 needed.

Hicks Island Bridge over Diascund Creek will be replaced under a similar funding scheme. The bridge has a low sufficiency rating and has been pinpointed by VDOT as priority for replacement. The project will cost $726,000, of which $280,800 is funded.

The Board of Supervisors will review the priorities next week.

Want to go?The supervisors will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 22, in Building F of the County Government Complex, off Mounts Bay Road.

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