Emerging Stocks Rise for Third Day Amid China Policy Speculation - Bloomberg Emerging Stocks Rise for Third Day Amid China Policy Speculation - Bloomberg

Monday, May 28, 2012

Emerging Stocks Rise for Third Day Amid China Policy Speculation - Bloomberg

Emerging Stocks Rise for Third Day Amid China Policy Speculation - Bloomberg

Emerging-market stocks rose for a third day as opinion polls of Greek voters eased concern the country will exit the euro area and speculation mounted China will take steps to boost its economy.

The MSCI Emerging Markets Index (MXEF) rose 0.8 percent to 909.38 as of 3:38 p.m. in London. The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI) of Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong climbed 1.1 percent. The Micex Index jumped 0.8 percent in Moscow as OAO Lukoil, Russia’s second-largest oil producer, added 1.9 percent after first-quarter profit increased 7.7 percent. Brazil’s Bovespa Index (IBOV) gained 1.4 percent.

China is speeding up investment approvals to support growth, with the size of stimulus estimated at between 1 trillion yuan ($158 billion) and 2 trillion yuan, Dong Tao, an economist at Credit Suisse Group AG, wrote in a research note today. Greece’s New Democracy, which supports the European Union’s bailout plan, placed first in all six opinion polls published on May 26 during campaigning for next month’s vote.

“The mood seems to be improving today, perhaps reflecting the latest Greek polls that seem to favor the bailout supporters,” Benoit Anne, head of emerging-markets strategy at Societe Generale SA in London, wrote to clients by e-mail. “We remain quite cautious towards emerging markets in the near term, however.”

Emerging-market equities have fallen 11 percent in May, poised for the biggest monthly drop since September, as concern grew earlier in the month that Europe’s debt crisis will worsen and China’s economic slowdown will deepen.

Bovespa Gains

Brazil’s benchmark equity index rose for a second day as Vale SA (VALE3), the world’s largest iron-ore producer, whose top export market is China, followed metals higher. Homebuilder PDG Realty SA Empreendimentos & Participacoes rallied as much as 13 percent after saying a shareholder proposed injecting 800 million reais ($404 million) into the company.

OAO Mobile TeleSystems, Russia’s biggest mobile operator, rose 3.9 percent as Troika Dialog, citing MSCI Inc. data, said its weighting was lifted in the MSCI Russia 10/40 Index.

The ISE National 100 Index (XU100) climbed 0.2 percent in Istanbul. Akbank TAS (AKBNK) dropped 2.2 percent, falling for a sixth day after Citigroup Inc. reduced its stake by more than half last week.

The WIG20 Index (WIG20) jumped 0.9 percent in Warsaw, led by a 3.3 percent rise in PGE SA (PGE), Poland’s biggest electricity producer.

The rand appreciated 0.7 percent against the dollar, the ruble slid 0.1 percent and the real strengthened 0.4 percent.

Russian Bonds

Russia’s dollar Eurobond due in 2022 rose for the first time in four days, cutting the yield one basis point, or 0.01 percentage point, to 4.25 percent.

Gome Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd. (493), China’s second- biggest electronics retailer, sank 4.6 percent after the company reported an 88 percent slump in first-quarter profit.

Chinese industrial companies’ profits declined 2.2 percent from a year earlier in April, the statistics bureau reported yesterday. That compared with a 4.5 percent gain in March.

The BSE India Sensitive Index (SENSEX), or Sensex, rose 1.2 percent. South Korean markets were closed for a holiday.

The extra yield investors demand to own emerging-market debt over U.S. Treasuries was unchanged at 410 basis points, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s EMBI Global Index.

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To contact the editor responsible for this story: Darren Boey at dboey@bloomberg.net

5 Business Factors That Can Make or Break CRM - E-Commerce Times

This story was originally published on Feb. 23, 2012, and is brought to you today as part of our Best of ECT News series.

I have a lot of fun writing about CRM -- the ideas, the tools and how they're brought together as a coherent strategy Get Whitepaper: Simple Strategies for Enhancing eCommerce Profitability. CRM is a foundation on which to build relationships, layer on additional sales Learn how 3D interactive characters fundamentally change the way users interact with a site. and support tools, and create a customer-centric business.

But this foundation needs a foundation. After all, businesses thrived even before CRM technology Discover Proven Strategies to Improve the Security of Your Products. Free Whitepaper. was invented, and they flourished long before the acronym was coined. While we in the CRM space like to say that you need a solid CRM foundation in place before you can grow to the next level (which, these days, is most often defined as social CRM), we tend to forget that CRM itself needs to rest on a solid foundation.

What is that foundation built on? A bunch of things that are, in general, never considered when we talk about CRM, but which can heavily influence CRM's effectiveness for good and for ill, based on how well the business executes on them.

There are many foundational things that every business should strive to master even before they have a CRM application in place, but here are five that serve as underpinnings for successful businesses, and thus as underpinnings of successful CRM efforts.

Services and Products

Businesses exist to create customers, wrote Peter Drucker, but customers exist because they have needs. The bottom-line question for your customers is this: Do the things I buy from this business satisfy my needs?

The real issues here are quality and value. If your products are faulty or second-rate compared to the competitors, or if they're priced wrong, it doesn't matter what kind of CRM magic you work -- your sales funnel will be more like a conveyor belt, with prospects proceeding down the pipeline to customers and then, rapidly, to ex-customers. And over time, quality and pricing issues (and their unpleasant cousin, delivery issues) will erode your customer base and create poor word of mouth. Unless you remedy this issue, your business is doomed to failure.

The Honesty Factor

Even with a good product or a well-delivered service, issues happen. A smart business understands this and has a plan in place to deal with these exceptions, and to do so in a way that assumes that customers are intelligent and, within reason, understanding.

Excuses that sound phony or inauthentic multiply the negative impact of a problem. Explanations that are sincere and candid, however, can have the exact opposite effect. For example, a very small business run by a friend took a serious delivery and production hit when its one employee was stricken by a nasty stomach flu just as a new product was supposed to ship. Rather than ignore the problem, he dragged himself to email and social media and explained the problem honestly. This brought a few angry customers but many more who sympathized and were understanding -- and, when he was able to return to work, almost no complaints about the delay.

Honesty as an underlying value of a business is not just morally laudable -- it's also key for forging better customer relationships and maintaining employee morale. Which brings us to ...

Employees' Attitude

I like to say that a CRM strategy should start with hiring. Employees with a customer-focused attitude are an asset whether or not you've invested in CRM software. Conversely, employees who lack that attitude can take a CRM investment of any amount and effectively reduce its value to zero.

Your management takes the data you collect in CRM and translates it into directives for actions and interactions that mean something to the customers; your employees carry out those directives. Without the proper focus on the customer, management and employees are unlikely to connect the dots between data and dealings with the people who keep your business in business.

Respect for Process

CRM also helps automate many of the sales, marketing and support tasks that dominate most customer relationships. That allows your business to scale in terms of the number of customers each employee can care for. To do that, however, means that all employees who need to interface with CRM do so. That starts with the sales team and carries through to the rest of the organization; adhering to the process of using CRM is as important as adhering to any other company process.

There is an exception to this, however: When an employee sees an area where process is preventing customer satisfaction, he or she should be able to take action to override or modify the policy. Process and productivity mean nothing to individual customers, and employees need to be empowered to step out of process when necessary.

Your Commitment to Support

Too many businesses stop paying attention to their customers after the sale closes and only begin paying attention again when it's time to sell again. Smart businesses know that an ongoing relationship is the best route to ongoing sales, and a natural place for contact in that relationship comes in customer support.

Companies that have a commitment to support do a good job of meeting customers' needs regardless of whether they are a one-person shop with a single telephone line or a large corporation with several call centers -- the technology simply lets bigger businesses scale up more effectively. Sadly, when the emphasis is all on sales, support is seen as a cost center and doesn't get the care and feeding it deserves. That's why so many service calls leave customers more agitated at the end of the call than they were at the beginning, even if the problem that triggered the call is resolved.

When a business fails in any of these areas, the customer relationships that were the goal of its CRM investments are ruined -- which raises the question: Why did you invest in CRM if you weren't willing to build a foundation on which it could rest?

Shares in Bankia collapse following Spanish government bailout - bdaily.co.uk

Following their suspension on Friday, shares in Bankia fell 30% this morning on news that the troubled bank is to receive a €19 billion government bailout. The aid would come in the form of Spanish government debt, which would been given by Spain to Bankia in return for shares in the bank, which could then park these bonds with the ECB as collateral for cash. The indirect injection of taxpayer cash will eventually lead to a government holding of around 80%-90%, in a nationalisation that is substantially dilutive to the existing shareholders. Whilst the shares were trading around over €1.30 today after a partial recovery, the stock faced a raft of analyst downgrades some of which valued the shares around 20-30 cent. Some analysts also expressed concerns that the assets provided to Bankia could deteriorate in value, and hence reduce the health of the bank, should the Spanish government get into more financial stress.

After the bank’s equity, the news was most influential in fixed income markets, where the yield on Spanish 10 year government debt traded at around 6.5%, reaching a record high against the German bund.  It was perhaps unsurprising given the rapid deterioration of Bankia that investors were concerned that Spain may be on the hook should other members of the banking system get into trouble. 

For pan-European equities however, Spanish concerns were overshadowed by perceived positive news from Greece where polls showed that the centre-right, pro-bailout New Democracy party edged into the lead against the left-wing Syriza. Equity markets welcomed the developments which would initially indicate that the Greek population were waking up to the fact that, despite the severe austerity, prospects for the country may be even worse if Greece were to leave the currency union. Indices in the UK, France and Germany were all higher by around 1% in morning trade.

These markets did however lose some momentum in the afternoon, and actually dipped into negative territory before the close. The FTSE 100 closed marginally higher at 5356, whilst indices in France and Germany were more firmly in negative territory, as were those still trading in the US. After a tumultuous day, shares in Bankia close 13% lower at €1.36. 

Financial Management Company offer Free QuickBooks Health Checks - PRLog (free press release)
PRLog (Press Release) - May 28, 2012 -
B&M Financial Management Services, a full service accounting firm, specializing in accounting and financial management consulting services has announce a offer to business owners who are struggling to maintain good financial records.

Most small businesses use QuickBooks to keep track of their accounting and financial reporting need to help operate their business and make productive and effective decisions toward the growth of their business.

B&M Financial Management understands the unique challenges some businesses face during tax season and throughout with producing accurate accounting record. Bookkeeping may seem like a easy task, but in actuality if not managed properly the business can run into cash flow crunches.

Whether you are just starting to use QuickBooks or have been using the accounting software for your business some time now.  If your bookkeeping records are not accurate you will not be able to run an efficient business operation.

One of the key essentials to running a business is to keep track of your income and expenses, not just for your knowledge but if you decide to get a loan, they will want to see your current financial records, during tax season you will need accurate financial records for the Accountant to prepare your business taxes, and it will save you money to have those records prepared before submitting them to the Accountant. Or if you decide to sell your business you will also need accurate accounting record.  Therefore, it is an important factor to maintain good bookkeeping records when operating a business.

B&M Financial Management Services has been providing bookkeeping, accounting and tax services for their clients for over 20 years.  To help small business owners, they have decided to offer a free health check to small businesses who feel that they are not keeping accurate accounting records.

With this free QuickBooks Health Check offer a free analysis of your QuickBooks data, including mapping, setup and cleanup suggestions. The process is very simple and takes only a few steps to complete.  Just contact B&M Financial Management Services to speak with an accounting expert to get started.  

For more information about getting your free QuickBooks Health Check or other service offers call (888) 524-4094 or visit http://www.bmfms.com.


STOCKS NEWS THAILAND-Bank of Ayudhya gains on earnings hopes - Reuters

Mon May 28, 2012 4:32am EDT

Shares in Bank of Ayudhya rose 2.7 percent to 28.25 baht on expectations of better second-quarter earnings, its highest since May 17. It outperformed the broader banking index , which fell as much as 0.4 percent.

"Bank of Ayudhya should deliver good second-quarter earnings, supported by strong lending growth, a sustained net interest margin, well-managed operating expenses and lower loan loss provisions," Bualuang Securities said in a research note.

The broker maintained its "buy" rating on the stock with a target price at 30.5 baht, on expectations of better earnings after the bank's recent non-performing loan (NPL) sales are set to improve its asset quality.

Bank of Ayudhya sold 2.4 billion baht ($75.8 million) worth of NPLs to Alpha Capital Asset Management Co last week. As bad retail loans comprised 80 percent of the NPLs, the sale of bad debts will reduce the bank's NPLs by 8.6 percent to 25.7 billion baht, Bualuang said.

At 0813 GMT, Bank of Ayudhya was up 1.82 percent at 28 baht.

1514 (0814 GMT)

(Reporting by Sinsiri Tiwutanond in Bangkok; sinsiri.tiwutanond@thomsonreuters.com)


13:12 STOCKS NEWS THAILAND-Khonburi Sugar gains, despite concern over shortage

Sugar miller Khonburi Sugar Pcl gained 1.04 percent to 9.7 baht, while brokers said concern over a supply shortage may drag down the company's profit for 2012.

Maybank Kim Eng Securities rated the shares a "speculative buy" with a target price of 12.3 baht, while expecting Khonburi Sugar's 2012 profit to drop by 767 million Thai baht ($24.22 million) from the previous year due to a 12 percent fall in sugarcane supply.

"It is expected that global sugar production for the year 2012 to 2013 will rise, especially from Asia and Europe ... this would put pressure on Khonburi Sugar's export prices in 2013," Maybank said in a research note.

However, sugar exports could peak in the second and third quarters, helping the company post stronger profits in the following quarters, the broker said.

In addition, its lower valuation compared to its peer Khon Kaen Sugar Pcl still renders the shares attractive, despite profit risks in 2013, it added.

At 0558 GMT, rival Khon Kaen Sugar shares remained flat at 12.4 baht.

1258 (0558 GMT)

(Reporting by Sinsiri Tiwutanond in Bangkok; sinsiri.tiwutanond@thomsonreuters.com)


11:31 STOCKS NEWS THAILAND: Raimon Land hits 12-day high

Shares in real-estate developer Raimon Land Pcl rose as much as 3.3 percent to a 12-day high of 1.57 baht, after several brokers rated the stock a 'buy' on expectations The River - its high-end condominium project in Bangkok - would boost profit growth in the second half of 2012.

Despite company executives on Friday saying Raimon planned to postpone the transfer of The River's property to its clients to mid-June, brokers said the 1-billion-baht ($31.58 million) asset transfer would prop up second-quarter earnings, after a loss of 70 million baht in the first quarter.

"Second quarter's earnings are expected to see a 1-billion-baht increase driven by the asset transfer of The River in mid-June, which well help see a recovery in profit of around 100 million baht," Trinity Securities said in a research note.

"The third and fourth quarters are expected to see outstanding performances from the transfer as well, with an estimated 3 billion baht per quarter, totalling around 500 to 600 million baht in profit each," it added.

The broker also forecast a net profit of 1.18 billion baht in 2012, driven by sales of the condominium. Trinity rated the shares a 'buy', with a target price of 2 baht.

The stock later eased to up 0.6 percent at 1.53 baht, while the main Thai index was down 0.5 percent.

1118 (0418 GMT)

($1 = 31.7 baht)

Italian business confidence falls to three-year low - Daily Telegraph

“Economic gloom continues to envelop Italy,” said Raj Badiani, principal economist at IHS Global Insight. “Given the relentless pounding from the tougher austerity regime, tighter credit conditions and rising unemployment, the downturn is expected to linger through the year.”

'Business as usual' despite Hastie's collapse - Stuff


The jobs of about 480 commercial heating, cooling and air-conditioning workers at three Wellington companies look safe for now, despite the collapse of their Australian owner, engineering conglomerate Hastie Group.

The corporate failure sent ripples through light industry on the outskirts of big cities throughout Australia and New Zealand, including Tawa, where Hastie company Aquaheat is based, and Seaview, Petone, which is home to sister companies Cowley Refrigeration and Cowley Aquaheat.

Hastie employs 4500 workers in Australia, of whom 2700 have been stood down for 28 days, according to Scott Hinton of its Australian administrator PPB Advisory.

That was after administrators and receivers moved in to try to recover estimated debts of A$500 million.

The Sydney Morning Herald described the corporate collapse as a major blow to Australia's federal Labor Government.

An Auckland receiver, Andrew Grenfell, has been appointed to Hastie's New Zealand holding company, but he said it was "business as usual" for Aquaheat and the Cowley companies and there was no intention of putting them into receivership.

Mr Grenfell said his understanding was that the Wellington businesses were successful, and his assumption was that they would be sold to new owners as going concerns.

It was too soon to speculate whether they might return to New Zealand ownership, but anything was possible in a sale.

Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union organiser Mark James said about 100 of its members were employed by the conglomerate in New Zealand.

There had been good communication between the company's New Zealand arm and its workers, and no job losses, he said.

Aquaheat, which employs about 180 staff, posted a profit of $2.3m on sales of $44.3m in 2010, the last year for which results have been filed with the Companies Office. It has provided heating systems to the likes of Te Papa, Wellington Airport and Wellington Hospital.

Cowley Refrigeration provides fridges and chillers for supermarkets, dairies and restaurants, and posted a profit of $782,000 on sales of $50.6m in 2010. Together with Cowley Aquaheat, it is understood to employ about 300 staff.

Cowley is owned by Sydney-based Hastie company Austral Industries. Its receiver, McGrathNicol, said Austral was in the process of being sold before it was called in and it expected to quickly complete that process.

- © Fairfax NZ News

Business women to channel power of Athena - miltonkeynes.co.uk

The Athena Network is launching in Milton Keynes on Wednesday at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel, MK Dons Stadium.

It is the premier women’s networking organisation in the UK comprising of 26 franchises and over 2600 networking members across 30 regions nationwide.

Established in 2005, The Athena Network was founded to provide women who were unable to commit to early breakfast networking meetings with opportunities to meet business women from a wide range of industry sectors from large corporates to sole traders. The monthly meetings are from 12 noon until 2 p.m, alongside a good lunch, there is open networking, a ten minute networking training slot, 60 second presentation on your business, a ten minute presentation given by an industry expert on different aspects of business development, and unpressurised referral and recommendation sharing and more.

Sylvia Baldock, Regional Director of Athena in the West Chilterns and National Sales Director for Athena, says: “Networking is the most powerful, effective and rapid way to grow your business and our groups also offer a warm, fun and supportive environment whether you are just setting up your own business or are part of an established business looking to expand further.”

“We have been so successful because we provide opportunities to make strategic connections with professionals in a wide range of industry sectors, encourage women in business to inspire and support others for greater success whilst also developing women’s business skills”

The business women of Milton Keynes and surrounding area are invited to come along to the launch on 30th for a lovely lunch followed by an afternoon of new beginnings, great connections, inspiration and a celebratory glass of pink champagne! There will also be a special membership offer for anyone joining on the day.

To find out more or reserve a place please contact Sylvia Baldock at sylvia.baldock@theathenanetwork.com more information at: www.theathenanetwork.com/new-athena-group-launching-in-milton-keynes-30th-may-doubletree-hiltonmk-dons-stadium

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