BOSTON COMPANIES - Nets-Hornets Preview - BOSTON COMPANIES - Nets-Hornets Preview -

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BOSTON COMPANIES - Nets-Hornets Preview -

Thanks to the play of point guard Chris Paul in the team's last game, a banged-up frontcourt didn't keep the New Orleans Hornets from notching their first back-to-back wins of the month. The Hornets could use another strong outing from Paul with in Stock and Shares News

During the auto bailout hearings in Washington last fall, we heard time and time again from the guys and gals with the gavels that the problem with Detroit is that it doesn’t make the kinds of cars Americans want to buy. Fair enough. Given the in Stock and Shares News

CAHOKIA, Ill. — Police Chief Richard Watson admits his department's newest patrol car is a curious departure from its big-horsepower Ford Crown Victorias. But the four-cylinder Pontiac Vibe GT has plenty of pep for policing, he said, and gets twice in Stock and Shares News

(AP) - General Motors Corp . will run out of cash long before the end of the first quarter if it doesn't get the second installment of government loan money that was due Jan. 16, the company's chief operating officer said Tuesday night. Fritz in Stock and Shares News

When it comes to performance cars, manuals have long held an edge over automatic transmissions, due to faster shifting of gears. However, dual clutch systems have brought the best of worlds with not only faster shifting, but by allowing for drivers in Stock and Shares News

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