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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inspiring your team in business - Daily Telegraph

Inspiring your team in business - Daily Telegraph

Team building

Despite being an extremely positive exercise for any business, the words “team building” immediately carries negative connotations. For many of us it instantly makes us think of twee exercises aimed at building trust within a team.

But trust is important. Without it, business success will never be achieved. That’s why team building is still a vital ingredient of inspiring your team in business. You just have to go about it from a more creative angle.

A corporate team building event designed by United Events will not only meet all your business objectives, the variety of events will enable your staff to leave with honed business skills and a renewed team ethic.

Inspire creativity

Whatever the desired structure to draw out those skills from your team, it’s vital that you give them room to think creatively and bring some of their own ideas to the fore.

When looking at the leading conference venues available to you, opting for the conference facilities within Old Trafford, you’ll find an atmospheric space designed to draw creativity from your staff. No one wants to hear tired old clich├ęs like “thinking outside the box”; you’ll want a venue that helps to draws this out of your staff.

Let your team use its unique attributes, not just traditionally trained skills

All the individual members of the team will have traditionally trained skills, that’s why they’re in the position. It’s likely they’ll use these every day to succeed in their role. However, to push them to the next level it’s vital that you recognise their unique attributes.

What can each member of the team bring that no one else can? How can this be used to your advantage? It pays to sit down and understand this before deciding on how best to organise your conference and team building day.

Once you recognise this, incorporate specific exercises into the day to draw this out and encourage it. Most staff don’t want to do the “same old” every day. Create a memorable event and show them they don’t have to.

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