• Police believe the incident is over a financial dispute involving a real estate deal

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A gunman who took 10 office workers hostage on Friday after bursting into an Indiana real estate office forcing a dramatic stand-off with police has shot himself, police said. He was rushed to a local hospital where he died of his injuries.

Two loud bangs were heard Friday afternoon before SWAT team members broke windows and rushed into the Prudential Executive Group Real Estate office in Valparaiso, where police said the gunman had holed up.

Valparaiso Police Chief Michael Brickner said officers determined the gunman had shot himself twice in the head, and believe he had done so before they entered the building. It is thought the gunman was upset over a real estate deal and was demanding his back money.

Siege: Police surrounded a real estate office in Valpariso, Indiana, where a gunman held 10 hostages before shooting himself

Siege: Police surrounded a real estate office in Valpariso, Indiana, where a gunman held 10 hostages before shooting himself


Stand-off: Snipers sit trained on the real estate office after the gunman burst in and took hostages

Police had received a 911 call about 10 a.m. reporting that a man with a gun had entered the brokerage office. Grennes said there was a 'brief exchange of gunfire' when officers arrived.

Grennes said there were fewer than 10 people in the building when the incident began and that a 'large percentage' had been able to get out of the building by Friday afternoon. Grennes says one person who was struck in the head during the incident was treated and released at a hospital.

'I do know the vast majority of people are out,' he said. 'I know initially when our officers arrived on the scene they were removing people as they were trying to get to the building. And as the scene progressed, more people were able to leave the building.'

Negotiators were in contact with the gunman, but Grennes would not say if he made any demands. Grennes said he did not believe the gunman was an employee of the brokerage.

'I just know the reason for him being there was a dispute over ... somebody in the building, an employee in the building, owed him money. He believed that,' Grennes said.

Mack Elliott, an agent at the brokerage, said he was not in the office when the gunman entered, but had spoken to a couple of agents who were working at the time. He believed the incident stemmed from a dispute over a real estate transaction.

fire department

Safety: Police and fire department officials lead a hostage to a rescue vehicle outside a real estate office


Deadly force: SWAT teams surround the building as negotiators contact the gunman

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A real estate transaction gone wrong is not worth ending your life since your brilliant (not) plan to go into the real estate office with your gun to get your money back didn't work out.

Oh yeah I like that. "shot himself twice in the head". Who's running SWAT there? The Mafia?

I'm not taking up for the hostage taker by any means but never believe the phrase, "officers determined the gunman had shot himself twice in the head."

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