Auctus Rebus Financial Group Announces Game-Changing Legal Retainer Financing - Auctus Rebus Financial Group Announces Game-Changing Legal Retainer Financing -

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Auctus Rebus Financial Group Announces Game-Changing Legal Retainer Financing -

Auctus Rebus Financial Group Announces Game-Changing Legal Retainer Financing -

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 14, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - For attorneys across the United States, winning the most demanding of criminal or civil cases often pulls their clients out of legal trouble and into trouble with their finances. However, for the first time in the industry, Auctus Rebus Financial Group today announces their innovative legal retainer financing.

The program makes even the most expensive of lawyers an affordable reality, by allowing the attorney to offer affordable 3rd party financing of their fees to their clients.

Legal retainers up to $12,000 can be financed for up to a sixty month period. Using this model as a guide, a qualified client could easily finance an $8,000 retainer with no money down and repayments under $200 a month.

"Our game-changing legal retainer financing will allow attorneys to focus 100% on servicing their client's needs, rather than turning the relationship sour by chasing payments. It ensures that attorneys get paid quickly, and at a level that allows them to provide the best possible legal services," says Alex Brown, President of Auctus Rebus Financial Group.

Virtually all civil legal cases are eligible for the funding, as well as many first-time criminal misdemeanor cases. People with cases that do not qualify for immediate financing are able to provide a guarantor to ensure that they can afford only the best legal assistance when they need it the most.

Following the recent financial climate, Brown and his team have ensured that their funding remains open to many people, even with past financial problems.

"Credit score requirements are low because approvals are weighted highly on income and job stability. In fact people with FICO scores as low as 600 are often approved, and at interest rates that are lower than the average store credit card. In addition, all clients receive a 6 months same as cash promotion," he adds.

The company hopes that, by removing the heavy up-front financial burden associated with many of the country's top lawyers, people will be able to get the best level of legal assistance for their circumstances – regardless of cost.

The Financial Group is currently working with an expansive network of approved attorneys, with every legal professional urged to contact them for speedy approval.

"We don't want people to risk their case by using the wrong attorney. If you cannot afford your legal fees, ask your attorney to contact us today," Brown concludes.

For more information, please visit the official Auctus Rebus Financial Group website:

About Auctus Rebus Financial Group

Auctus Rebus Financial Group headquartered in San Antonio Texas provides financing, alternative financing and no credit needed payment plans for legal practices, medical practices and many other businesses.

Auctus Rebus Financial Group helps businesses and professional practices nationwide grow by making products and services more affordable. Auctus Rebus Financial Group is a highly rated member of the Better Business Bureau.

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Business sceptical over tax cut: expert - ninemsn

A tax expert believes that business has the right to be a little sceptical about the federal government's pledge of a company tax cut when the issue appeared dead just a few weeks ago when the budget was handed down.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard concluded her economic forum on Wednesday, saying a company tax rate cut was the "absolute top priority" of the government's business tax working group.

Until the May budget, companies had been looking forward to a cut in the tax rate to 29 per cent from 30 per cent as part of the government's minerals resource rent tax package.

However, the reduction was ditched as the coalition had declared its refusal to support a tax cut that was funded by another tax, while the Australian Greens wanted a cut only for small business.

This time Ms Gillard says she wants the opposition to do "the right thing" and back any tax cuts legislation the government brings to parliament.

"There's a question for others in the parliament, particularly the opposition, about what attitude they'd take," Ms Gillard told ABC Radio on Thursday.

Senior tax counsel at the Tax Institute, Robert Jeremenko, said while a tax cut was a positive outcome from the forum he was somewhat surprised at the timing.

"Actions speak louder than words, and the actions in the budget were that the company tax cut was not a priority, and now all of a sudden, a matter of weeks afterwards, it's the top priority," Mr Jeremenko told AAP.

"I think business can be forgiven for being a little confused, and perhaps a little sceptical as to whether this will actually eventuate."

He said the institute was already concerned by the government's silence over its tax reforms for trusts, given its own timeline was committed to releasing its policy design by May this year.

Mr Jeremenko called on the government to "end the radio silence".

These reforms would affect 660,000 trusts across a wide spectrum of entities and people around the country.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott dismissed the possibility of a company tax cut, calling it a "con".

"The prime minister was just desperate to have something to announce after her stage-managed economic forum," he told reporters in Adelaide.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry also is unimpressed, saying a tax cut should be funded by reduced government spending and not by shifting the corporate tax burden.

"We don't believe the function of working out how to fund that should be subcontracted to a committee," the chamber's director of economics and industry policy Greg Evans told ABC Radio.

Yasser El-Ansary, from the Institute of Chartered Accountants, said the business tax working group that was tasked with finding savings made several recommendations in its interim report.

They included axing deductions for depreciation, especially for the mining and resources sectors.

"Taking away their access to those tax deductions would save the government a few billion dollars, which would certainly go a big way towards funding a modest corporate income tax cut," Mr El-Ansary told ABC Radio.

Announcing New Google Plus (G+) and Google+ Local Training For Business “What … - YAHOO!

Google has converted 80 million Google Places pages worldwide into Google+ Local pages. Google+ trainers Yifat Cohen and Maya Mendoza launch new G+ and Google+ Local courses to teach business owners what they need to know and do to generate leads and increase profits.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) June 14, 2012

Google Plus is rapidly & completely changing Search and the way people find things online. And as Google integrate all Google services into Plus (G+) the question for every business must be: What will this mean for your business?

The latest change has seen the demise of Google Places. Google Places (Maps) has been a powerful Search & Reviews ally for companies looking to boost their local popularity. Now Google is taking the first step to eradicate millions of Google Places pages and morph then all into new Google+ Local pages.

Why is Google making these changes?

Maya Mendoza, Social SEO trainer and founder of Milagro Fusion Marketing said:

“This is Google's move to ramp up social integration. Fundamentally Google+ Local Pages for business are an evolution of Places pages with a more powerful and comprehensive system for customer and client reviews”

Google believe that the new Google+ Local will bring people more relevant and better trusted results from their search queries.

Mendoza continues “This really is quite an exciting shift and businesses can expect a lot more radical changes to come".

As with any update there are bugs and lingering issues as a result of the major update. It appears that the transition from Google Places into the new Google+ Local pages have left many Google business users in a state of confusion and disarray.

For business owners who use Google Places already and understand the power that it brings to local search this integration with Google+ Business Pages has generated both concern and excitement.

When asked how Google Places owners have responded to the changes Hangouts Host and G+GoTo Gal Yifat Cohen said:

"The main concern Google business users have expressed is that the changes came with no apparent warning. Many are worried about how Google+ Local will effect their search results and page rank and do not know what steps to take to maximise this opportunity."

Cohen continued "Although Google are promising increased merchant benefits from the new business rating system, and are planning to roll out many more helpful merchant features, this radical and sudden change to how they generate business has rocked the boat"

Both Cohen and Mendoza agree that the sudden switch over to Google+ Local pages raises a lot of questions for business owners. They have joined forces to bring effective Strategic Google Plus (G+) and Google+ Local Training & Services to their clients and a wider business audience across the USA and UK.

“The message that business can no longer afford to ignore the impact of social search is not getting across to people” says Mendoza “both Yifat Cohen and I are on a mission to help people get on board and benefit before their businesses get left behind”.

Business owners who wish to get more information about the upcoming trainings may register their interest by completing a short form at this Google Plus Training page

Patrick Tuttle
Milagro Fusion Marketing
443 807 8383
Email Information

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