Business Review India Looks Into the Lives and Net Worth of the Richest Business Leaders - Business Review India Looks Into the Lives and Net Worth of the Richest Business Leaders -

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Business Review India Looks Into the Lives and Net Worth of the Richest Business Leaders -

Business Review India Looks Into the Lives and Net Worth of the Richest Business Leaders -

    MUMBAI, INDIA, June 10, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Business Review India profiles India's richest Individuals. Mukesh Ambani, the Chairman and Managing director of Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries who ranks 5th best performing CEO in the world by Harvard Business Review tops the list. He also owns the Indian Premier League Cricket Team.

The second spot is taken by Lakshmi Mittal, head of world's largest steelmaking company who expanded mining interests, buying Canadian miner Baffin land Iron Mines and also on the Advisory Board of the Kellogg School of Management.

The third position is taken by Azim Premji an Indian business tycoon and philanthropist, the Chairman of Wipro Limited, guiding the company through four decades of diversification and growth to emerge as one of the Indian leader in the software industry.

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Business security gates get a second look -

A proposed ordinance by the planning commission could modify Redford's rules on security barriers at businesses.

A set of amendments was crafted May 15 by the township's planners, WadeTrim of Detroit. Among them are allowances for external barriers to businesses if a set of conditions is met.

Some of the changes include: allowing for rolling grilles or scissor gates that consist of a straight, diamond pattern and requiring some visibility into the business through a mesh or open pattern. The application would have to go through the site plan committee before any modifications are made.

“We're just going to be supporting a certain type of device,” said Nicholas Lomako, a planner with WadeTrim. “There are only one or two we'd really like to have.”

The recommendations come after the Tube N Go tobacco shop on Seven Mile east of Beech Daly was denied a variance by the Zoning Board of Appeals. The owners of the business installed a metal roll-down gate that covers the main door and window entirely to discourage crime after several break-ins. The ZBA denied the request of the business owners, Dan and Emily Jones, to allow the door earlier this year. The issue was then brought before the Board of Trustees and a review of the current ordinance was recommended.

Barriers such as steel bars would not be allowed under the proposed ordinance.

The planning commission sent the proposed amendments to the Board of Trustees for review before moving forward with a public hearing on the proposals.

Under the proposed ordinance, the existing protective door at the Tube N Go shop seems like it still would fall out of line with the ordinance. Lomako said the business would most likely still go before the ZBA and request it be approved.

The amendments also require indoor barriers as a first option unless installation costs would exceed that of an outside barrier by more than 50 percent. Any barrier would also need to aesthetically complement the building in which the business is located.

“We want to make sure it looks like it fits in,” Lomako said.

One factor in the decision to require some visibility into the business was public safety, Lomako said. If a door completely shades a business, then police or firefighters cannot examine what is happening inside before entering. With the requirements for the mesh or open gateways, visibility would be enough for firefighters or police to look in, Lomako said.

Redford Fire Department Battalion Chief Tom Graham said the proposed mesh or diamond-patterned barriers would assist the department if a fire were to begin.

“It's easier for us to ventilate the structure,” he said. “We would have to do more damage to the building.”

"We are continuing to spend money that we do not have on war", says Congressman - Examiner

Congressman Jones is an outspoken critic of the undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most people already know that about him...

 Recently the Congressman gave an impassioned speech in the House of Representative regarding this situation in Afghanistan on June 6, 2012 – the anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, which we all need to hear. 

As a very powerful and influential member of  the House of Representatives, Congressman Walter Jones is privy to all kinds of secret reports, advice and council with some of the top ranking U.S. military commanders from the Pentagon and Department of Defense -  his remarks in regard to the war in Afghanistan are worth noting:

"Mr. Speaker, we are continuing to spend money that we do not have. Every day our debt goes up. Every day we borrow money from foreign governments, and yet we will not bring our troops home from Afghanistan. It's kind of ironic that the administration has signed a security agreement that will continue a financial relationship with Afghanistan after our troops come home in 2014. That relationship is for 12 years, has been projected that we will spend approximately $4 billion a month for those 12 years to pay for a corrupt leader and a corrupt government that will not survive. It does not matter how much money we spend. Afghanistan's history is that no nation has ever gone into Afghanistan and changed one thing. I do not understand why we in the House continue to find the money--of course it's borrowed money, by the way, probably from the Chinese--to send to Afghanistan. Yet we vote on programs to cut milk for children in the morning at school. We vote to cut programs for senior citizens to get a sandwich at the senior center, and yet we continue to fund a war that history has shown we will never win.”

The Congressman also read the names of nine servicemen killed in Afghanistan, as as sort of exclamation point that had people in the House pause for a moment:

Hospitalman Eric D. Warren
Private First Class Cale C. Miller
Corporal Keaton G. Coffey
Petty Officer First Class Ryan J. Wilson
Second Lieutenant Travis A. Morgado
Specialist Arronn D. Fields
Sergeant Michael J. Knapp
Sergeant Jabraun S. Knox
Specialist Samuel T. Watts.

The Congressman also mentioned a particular book:

"I have with me a book that if I could pay for every Member of Congress to have this book, and they would guarantee me that they would read this book, then I would buy it for them. Mr. Speaker, the title of this book is ``Funding the Enemy: How U.S. Taxpayers Bankroll the Taliban.'' The Taliban, the Taliban, that's our enemy. Yet American dollars are going over, and many of those dollars end up in our enemy's hands to buy weapons and bullets to kill young Americans. I have read only 100 pages. I hope to finish this book next week when we are home; but I think if any taxpayer in this country would read this book, they would be up here protesting Washington sending money to Afghanistan. What is ironic, Mr. Speaker, is that the Taliban will eventually take over Afghanistan, no matter what we do. I hope that my friends on both sides of the aisle will support us from time to time as we have amendments to create a parameter for bringing our troops out because, quite frankly, I think we will be there probably until 2015 or 2016.”

With tears in his eyes Congressman Jones, who had the attention of everyone in the House at the time pleaded with Congress to do the right thing. He then prayed a simple but powerful prayer to God, which was actually recorded into the Congressional Record:

“Mr. Speaker, in closing, I ask God to please bless our men and women in uniform. I ask God to please bless the families of our men and women in uniform.”

See also video: Walter Jones Calls for U.S. to Exit Afghanistan  ).

The Congressman also stated publically he was mislead on the war in Iraq and did not want to make the same mistake in Afghanistan.

It is known that the Congressman is receiving advice and council from many people inside the military including a well respected retired Marine Corp. General, a former commandant of the Marine Corps., who I have tried to interview unsuccessfully myself many times.

The Congresman will not publically identify this retired General for reasons which are unclear...out of respect for him, I won't also.

In a moving speech in February 2012 he spells out his opposition to American’s continued undeclared wars and admits his fault in being mislead and manipulated by members of the former Administration – see admission: Congressman Walter Jones' Speech at NC Peace Action Town Hall Meeting

Robert Tilford

Business booms for Indy company that coordinates removal of recalled items - Desert Sun

A surge in recalls has turned into a lucrative business for Indianapolis-based Stericycle ExpertRecall.

It has become the largest U.S. company handling consumer product, food and pharmaceutical recalls and it has a hand in nearly every stage of the process.

The company stores recalled products at its Indianapolis warehouses, helps stores remove items from shelves, deals with customers and ensures companies comply with guidelines set out by U.S. regulators.

"Recalled products come here to die," said Mike Rozembajgier, the company's vice president of recalls. "If they come to Indianapolis, they're not getting back into the supply chain."

Stericycle has been involved in nearly 3,000 recalls in the past decade, helping major U.S. companies including Merck, General Electric and Wendy's.

At its five warehouses in Indianapolis totaling 700,000 square feet (about 12 football fields), the company collects and stores recalled items -- everything from household appliance components to sporting/recreational equipment to jewelry.

In fact, eight years after Merck voluntarily recalled Vioxx, Stericycle still has a full side of a warehouse stacked floor to ceiling with cases of the arthritis drug.

There are still a number of lawsuits pending, and Stericycle must keep the drug under lock and key until the FDA says it can be destroyed.

The company has started to recycle some of the recalled items. For example, it has recycled the batteries and plastic components from recalled medical devices; copper from the wiring in electrical products; and sugar has been extracted from liquid medication.

Suzanne Saunders plays lead role in Digicel's business solutions - Jamaica Observer

DIGICEL Jamaica has tapped Suzanne Saunders to provide strategic leadership for its portfolio of business solutions, one of the fastest growing areas of the company's operation.

Saunders, a former LIME executive, joined the commercial team at Digicel Jamaica in February as Head Business Solutions. This critical area includes the business sales, service delivery and customer support teams, the company said on Friday.

"Digicel is making a major shift, internally and externally. We are moving from being just a mobile entity to a full service provider of mobile services and business solutions. To that end, our Business Solutions team has been restructured to bring together the right skill sets and talents to build a division that will support our customer's needs within the corporate solutions space," said Saunders.

"Our customers expect that we are able to look after them; they're looking for a highly efficient team that can offer then solutions, connectivity and continuity. We have aligned our business to meet the needs of these customer segments and verticals," she added.

Saunders identified the hospitality industry as one of the customer segments that her team will partner with.

"The hospitality industry requires very skilled individuals who know the hotel industry and, in our case, able to support these customers in helping them through cyclical revenues. Cost reduction is foremost in everyone's mind, and our products, services and technology, have to be able to help address the main points for these businesses. Our business has been structured around our customers, and is focused on making the process of doing business with us a productive experience," she said.

Speaking on key projects, Saunders was very passionate about the importance of disaster recovery in the Jamaican environment.

"I cannot stress the critical importance of disaster recovery and protection of vital business data. Businesses are already operating with tight budgets these days, so imagine the financial damage that even one hour of downtime can do to your business, let alone 24 hours," she said, noting "So one of my main focuses, along with my team, is to build greater awareness around our world class data centre and ultimately help all businesses see how disaster recovery through our data centre can help them to eliminate the cost of having to restore lost data, plus lost business."

Opened in 2009, Digicel's Data Centre is the only Tier III-certified facility of its kind in the Caribbean. This certification means that every component of Digicel's infrastructure has the resilience and redundancy necessary to keep its facility fully operational in the event there is a major power system failure, or if the systems need to be taken out of production for planned maintenance activities.

The ICT Business Solutions head also mentioned that based on current discussions, she is confident that some of the key companies in Jamaica will become clients of Digicel's Data Centre over the coming months, in addition to its existing local and regional client base.

Prior to joining Digicel, Suzanne served in several senior commercial roles across a myriad of industries. Among her former roles was Regional Head — Corporate Customer Segment for LIME, where she had responsibility for strategic planning and implementation for their corporate channel.

"I believe that I bring a strong international sales and marketing background to Digicel, having worked within large corporate entities in Jamaica and within the Caribbean region. I have had the experience of working through two major business transformations," Saunders said.

"My experience, in successfully navigating these companies' sales and service teams through these transformations, will be integral to Digicel. It is about making this shift, while still building our revenues, and our business," she added. "My telecommunications background, having been with LIME for six and a half years, brings knowledge of the industry, being with a company that is over 120 years old and a full service provider, to going to a company that is 11 years old, determined, vibrant and passionate about its market share in Jamaica."

Prior to LIME, Saunders served with the GraceKennedy Group at Grace Foods International where she managed the marketing portfolio for 13 countries in the Southern Caribbean.

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