The Business eBook launched by BananaeForces - PRLog (free press release) The Business eBook launched by BananaeForces - PRLog (free press release)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Business eBook launched by BananaeForces - PRLog (free press release)

The Business eBook launched by BananaeForces - PRLog (free press release)
PRLog (Press Release) - Jun 09, 2012 -

Technological advances bring about convenience, so the PC has been succeeded by the convenient laptop and now the even smaller net book. The iPad has brought about a revolution in the way media is viewed, as have digital e-book readers. Reading print is passé, in today’s technologically advanced world, that wants convenience and innovation at every step. And that is why e-books are becoming popular.
We at Banana, have understood this niche segment and have developed a unique product that is innovative, technologically advanced and a perfect fit, our new Business e-Book, B2B Connect, which begun its journey in UAE this month.
B2B Connect is a Business e-Book that flips open with a click of mouse, is easy to use and offers convenience at your fingertips. This e-book encompasses a tremendous amount of information related to business.
B2B Connect looks stunning, is well structured and offers everyone something of great interest.
•   Our B2B Connect offers a myriad of information to suit many of your needs. Right from social media strategies to mind games, from email marketing strategies to a choice of Business Plan software and a large database of companies in the UAE, our e-book has it all! You can find the articles and try out a personality test and know how to track your business plan. You name it, we have it right here!
•   B2B Connect adds value to your existing marketing strategies by sharing ideas such as how to go about conducting your own Webinar and Web Cast. It encourages you to use the latest trends and technology and reach a wider audience effectively and efficiently.
•   Our e-book offers links for access to more information and related websites. You will find the entire selection of books of Brian Tracy, the self help author. The topics cover leadership, sales, managerial effectiveness, and business strategy, ideal for those who are eager to forge ahead in their business. And for those who like to engage in mind games, we have Chess and Hangman to engage them productively.

•   The information in the e-book will be updated regularly, so that you are never at loss with the latest happenings in your particular area of interest or any other field. This is where our e-book scores over others.

•   It allows people across the globe an equal opportunity to access its information. All that is required is an Internet connection. So, put your business on the globe!
Below are listed the features that make B2B Connect very special, apart from offering all the benefits as mentioned earlier.
1.   It consists of approximately 2008 pages.
2.   The B2B Connect is easy and quick to download and runs fast on almost all computers without any support as it is an EXE File.
3.   The key feature and advantage of this Business e-book is that the entire book is searchable and you can retrieve any information in a fraction of seconds
4.   It provides information on various segments of businesses in the UAE. This helps you in targeting your specific audience just with a click of mouse or fast search.

5.   You can just flip through the book comfortably, print any page, minimize it while working, go to a specific page from the listing etc.

6.   Our stunning e-book, is not only professionally put together, but is soothing to the eyes. It is very elegantly designed and is not crammed with black and advertisements or similar stuff like that, which are painful to the eyes.

7.   It is easy to read, the colors are eye friendly, with no zooming required to read the text.

8.   This is just a sampling of what B2B Connect offers, but it is designed as the perfect solution for a wide target audience range. It is positioned as a unique product, to make things easy for you, no matter what business you are in, or what information you seek. It is all RIGHT THERE!
This ebook is priced at US$250 but for some time its being offered for FREE.
One can download the eBook from the URL

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