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Saturday, March 7, 2009

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MUMBAI: There is a negative correlation between Dow Jones Index and gold prices in the long run. When the former falls, the latter goes up. With the rise in Gold prices and falling stock markets, contrarian investors are ready with their guns to take Orwell NEWS

Stocks soared, sank and then clawed their way back to a mixed close Friday after the Labor Department released its February jobs report. The major indexes remain down sharply for the week and near 12-year lows. The Dow Jones industrial average is Orwell NEWS

PORTLAND, Ore. -- It was a brutal week for American stock markets. The Dow Jones industrial average has lost more than half its worth since the current recession began, and many have stopped looking at their retirement and 401k accounts for fear of Orwell NEWS

NEW YORK - Investors have gotten used to bad news, but layoffs topping 600,000 a month still made for a volatile day on Wall Street. Wall Street ended another difficult week with an equally difficult session yesterday: Stocks rose, fell, then clawed Orwell NEWS

AFTER THE STUNNING DECLINE OF THE PAST FIVE months that has left the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard & Poor's 500 Index more than 50% below their 2007 highs, a lot of investors are worried stocks could fall much further. In a worst-case Orwell NEWS

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