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Saturday, January 24, 2009

BUSINESS NEWS - White House (627) - MSNBC Firstread

The excitement never ends in the White House briefing room. A day after President Obama visited the press corps, creating a mob scene in the narrow hallways and small booths where reporters, photographers and television producers spend their days in New York Shares News

LONDON (AFP) – Western countries believe Iran has nearly exhausted its stocks of a raw material needed to make nuclear weapons and have started diplomacy to stop Tehran acquiring more, The Times reported on Saturday. Iran's supply of yellow cake in New York Shares News

WASHINGTON : Whether it was a shot across the bow or a simple restatement of his boss's views, Timothy Geithner's assertion that China "manipulates" its currency has complicated a crucial front in President Barack Obama's efforts to improve relations in New York Shares News

NEW YORK: With Wall Street in the middle of an earnings free fall, investors will eye any moves from the White House next week to revive banks and craft a recovery plan to salvage the economy from its year-long recession. Investors also will tune in in New York Shares News

GAZA/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama plans to dispatch his Middle East envoy to the region next week, in a quick start to the new administration's efforts to revive Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking and shore up a shaky Gaza truce. Obama in New York Shares News

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad stock market witnessed selling pressure during the week as the economic crisis and tension between Pakistan and India propelled investors to offload their holdings, analysts said on Saturday. The Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE in New York Shares News

NEW YORK/PHILADELPHIA: Pfizer Inc, the world's largest drugmaker, is in talks to buy Wyeth in a deal possibly valued at more than $60 billion, sources familiar with the situation said on Friday. The Wall Street Journal reported late on Friday that in New York Shares News

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