Troupsberg NEWS - Ford looking for hybrid help - Troupsberg NEWS - Ford looking for hybrid help -

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Troupsberg NEWS - Ford looking for hybrid help -

Ford looking for hybrid help, VT
By Dan McLean • Free Press Staff Writer • March 17, 2009 Ford Motor Co. is looking for hybrid technology to give its ailing company a boost. Praveen Cherian, who led Ford's design team on the 2010 Fusion, kicked off a three-day marketing blitz of New ...
2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Features Smarter Technology Fox44 News
Next-Gen Hybrid Boosts Fuel Economy MSNBC
UVM Hears from Hybrid Leader WCAX
Automobile Magazine
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Chrysler, Ford, union continue talks on GM
Toronto Star,  Canada
The Canadian Auto Workers union says it has not reached agreement with Chrysler or Ford on the value of concessions at General Motors, which is holding up their restructuring plans to qualify for government loans. CAW president Ken Lewenza said ...
Ford wants more concessions from Canadian autoworkers Michigan Messenger
CAWkeen to extend GMdeal to Ford, Chrysler.
Second gear Chicago Tribune
Reuters - Buffalo News
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USF Spring Practice Q&A: Mike Ford
By L. Weisbaum & A. Golenko USF Running Back Mike Ford is entering his junior year leaner, stronger, and more powerful. Big Mike tells USFN his thoughts from the first week of spring. Stay informed with USFNation: How was your first week ...
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Los Angeles Times

Claude S. Brinegar dies at 82; former oil executive and Cabinet ...
Los Angeles Times, CA
After Nixon resigned, Brinegar served under President Ford for several months before returning to work in the private sector in 1975. Brinegar, a vice president of Union Oil Co. of California, was the nation's third transportation secretary. ...
Former transportation secretary dies at 82 The Almanac Online
Obituaries in the news The Associated Press
Deaths elsewhere Belleville News Democrat
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