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Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Petersburg NEWS - Why Tech Stocks Won't Lead The Next Bull Market - CNN Money

( ) -- Eventually there will be another bull market, and it's always a good mental exercise to play the "what will lead the next bull market when it comes" game. Right now it's particularly tough, since everything in the economy Riverside NEWS

THE Australian share market is expected to continue to rise tomorrow, after United States markets strengthened for the fourth day in a row. On Wall Street on Friday, stocks lifted in choppy trading amid optimism that the worst may be over for the Riverside NEWS

Some Wall Street economists think President Obama could have voiced some sympathy about the plight of frightened shareholders when he compared the stock market's plunge to an election tracking poll that "bobs up and down, day to day." They worry that Riverside NEWS

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Global stocks strode higher on Friday, capping their best week since a record surge last November, as optimism that ailing U.S. banks are on the mend eased investor fears and snuffed the safe-haven appeal of government debt and Riverside NEWS

Although everything still looks in disarray, within a few weeks, the government will probably have succeeded in getting the credit markets functioning again. If that happens, the stock market will begin looking beyond current conditions to the Riverside NEWS

TORONTO - Investors will be anxious this week to see if stock markets have turned the corner - or if last week's gains were part of a temporary rally resulting from a massively oversold market. "All it takes when you've had this type of overwhelming Riverside NEWS

It appears the White House finally noticed that the stock market has been in a calamitous freefall, not just bobbing up and down. So like a stock analyst issuing a "buy" rating on a company his investment bank just took public, Team Obama has been Riverside NEWS

Sunday, March 15, 2009 So traders and investors are likely to go into the new week cautiously as they wait to see if last week's rally was a sign of a turnaround or just a blip. The market has gotten used to false starts since stocks began their Riverside NEWS

NEW YORK — Investors have seen this before. Since the bear market began in late 2007, the Dow Jones industrial average has fallen into a pattern of huge declines, big gains, and then even larger declines. Four times, the market has rallied only to Riverside NEWS

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