Financial Services Industry Pro Launches Boutique Consulting Firm - YAHOO! Financial Services Industry Pro Launches Boutique Consulting Firm - YAHOO!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Financial Services Industry Pro Launches Boutique Consulting Firm - YAHOO!

Financial Services Industry Pro Launches Boutique Consulting Firm - YAHOO!

Bedford and Main Financial Consulting, Inc. formally opened for business this week. Founded by industry vet John T Foster, Bedford and Main is targeting the specialized world of Introducing Brokers and Clearing Brokers, along with top Financial Advisors changing their affiliated firms.

Suburban Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) July 13, 2012

Bedford and Main Financial Consulting, Inc. launched its web site today, Bedford and Main will specialize within the Financial Service’s industry, concentrating on Introducing Brokers and Clearing Brokers. The firm is also introducing ad hoc customized services developed through a network of partnerships to provide transition support for individual Financial Advisors looking to switch their affiliated brokers/dealers.

Founder and President, John T Foster, has coupled decades of operational and back office experience working with some of the largest industry providers, with the hands-on expertise of managing a mid-size retail based Broker/Dealer. “I am fortunate to have had the unique opportunities to understand the industry from the practical viewpoints of both an Introducing Broker and a Clearing Broker.”, explains Foster. “The competitive and regulatory environments have forced an unprecedented number of brokerage firms to re-structure or fail in the past few years. Successful firms utilize the additional temporary resources Bedford and Main offers.”

Complementing the Introducing Broker support services, Bedford and Main has established a model to transition W2 and 1099 Financial Advisors who desire to change to a better fitting brokerage firm. “Support services designed for Financial Advisors are uniquely focused on eliminating the burdensome tasks that typically delay or prevent a move”, noted Foster. “ Bedford and Main will eliminate weeks of lost production for a Financial Advisor by providing everything from an expert review of legal contracts, to finding them new office space or hiring staff.”

Brokerage firms and Financial Advisors interested in learning more about how consulting services will be customized to achieve their individual goals can visit

Bedford and Main Financial Consulting, Inc. is founded on the principle of providing individualized consulting services to two lines of business: Securities Brokerage firms of all sizes and top tier Financial Advisors seeking to change firms.

John Foster
Bedford and Main Financial Consulting, Inc.
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Are You Passionate About Your Business? - NASDAQ

Some say that you can only succeed in business if you are passionate enough to make it. But is this actually true? It seems like some small businesses do just fine without being overly passionate about the products or services they sell.

It strikes me that perhaps a certain degree of business passion is essential. Just making the decision to start your own small business can be a life-changing event and many entrepreneurs are passionate about what they have chosen to do with their life, rather than working for someone else.

By focussing the passion for your business it can keep you going even through the most difficult periods. Many successful entrepreneurs state that without passion and belief in what they were doing then they wouldnít see the point in doing it at all. Visionaries like Richard Branson and Steve Jobs relentlessly and passionately pursued their goals, refusing to be swayed even when other people thought they were making mistakes.

We all know it worked out well for those two but can passion actually do your business more harm than good? If you are particularly passionate about a cause or an idea that you have personally had, it can be difficult to even listen to sensible advice that you receive never mind implementing their recommendations.

Even people who are otherwise completely sane tend to go somewhat loopy if they are expending all of their energy bringing their personal project to fruition. They may start making decisions based on their emotions rather than logic in an attempt to get where they wanted to be from the start. If you notice that everyone is warning you about problems or questioning your decisions, you should really consider that they might be right and passion is clouding your judgment.

Passion can also cause you to neglect the finances of your business and forget about how much you are spending on trying to make your dreams a reality. Sometimes this can be good if you are passionate about making a business that is a worthy cause, but ultimately any business that ignores the reality of its finances does so at its own peril.

So it seems to me that a healthy dose of passion can do wonders for a small business, just be sure to temper it with a degree of cynicism! Make sure that you have the tools you need to conduct good financial management and try to surround yourself with a team of people on whose advice you can rely.

Disclosure: The author Stefan Töpfer, FIoEE, is the CEO of - a leading business cloud infrastructure provider. The views and opinions expressed are his and are based on over three decades of personal experience as a serial entrepreneur, editor of The Small Business Blog, mentor and angel investor.




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